A Review of the Cats Slot Machine Available at Online Casinos

How to Play the Cats Slot Machine

Not the Tony Award-winning musical Instead, you’ll be going on a “safari” to look for big cats in Africa, Asia, and South America. As you try to break a match with various wild cats, you’ll see plenty of exciting moments.



African panthers


Cats that live in the mountains

If you can learn to get along with stranger cats, luck will always smile on you. The nicest parts of this game are the option to match up to 10 symbols and the split symbols function.

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Structure of the Game

The designers of online slots must have a soft spot for felines, since yet another slot machine has been released with a feline theme. Stunning in its visuals

The slot’s backdrop of the African savannah and the stunning visual design of the feline symbols on the reels provide hours of entertainment.

While the game’s design is top-notch, there is no autoplay option, which is a fatal flaw on par with the Tiger itself.

There are no Tiger Kings or fluffy housecats to be found. Instead, keep a watch out for the wild tigers and lions;

Scattering of red paw prints.

Iconic “wild” cat logo



Grizzly Bear



Twos, Threes, Fours, and Fives

Slot Machine Music and Sounds

The ‘bong’ of a card victory is replaced with the roar of a wild cat as its value grows, rather than the steady beat of an African drum at the start of the game and each subsequent win. As your credits increase, you’ll hear a ding, ding, ding, and the noise level will rise.

There is surprisingly no music playing at this time frame. It would have worked well with an African flavor.

Features That Set It Apart

The Cats slot machine has two exciting extra features: a split-symbol feature and a free-spins bonus.

Each symbol in the Cats slot game can appear as either a single cat or as a pair of cats. The split symbols double the payout for a winning combination of up to 10 of a kind.

The game’s wild symbol is the Cats logo, and it helps the split symbols feature out by standing in for the highest paying cat icon. The jackpot is also awarded for five of these.

Five or six matching paw prints on reels 2, 3, or 4 now activate the free spins bonus. The fact that it duplicates itself in play means that players have a better chance of winning.

Free games are awarded in increments of five paw prints, with a maximum of ten spins for six paw prints. If you get four paw prints, you get a scatter bonus.

Cleopatra Slot: Our Opinions

It seems like Cleopatra slots have been around forever, and it’s safe to say they’ve achieved legendary status among casino entertainment. You won’t have any problem maintaining the mood of ancient Egypt thanks to the high caliber of its visuals and the inclusion of certain (although limited) Egyptian sounds.

The straightforward gameplay is fantastic, and despite the game’s reliance on the tried-and-true formula of free spins and a large payout, we’re having a blast.

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