A lot of issues may come up with your roof over its lifetime. Of course, the older a roof gets, the more prone it is even to minor roofing problems. And not all of these problems can be detected. A leak on the roof may not translate to a wet and leaking ceiling right away. It may take a bit of time, and a lot more damage on the ceiling, for it to be seen by the people living underneath. However, all of these problems have solutions. Here are some common roofing problems.

Blow offs can do more damage to your roof than you expect. Roof sections can be blown away by a sufficiently powerful and sustained wind. Even a whole roof can be blown off by this wind. It typically starts on the section most exposed to the highest winds, usually near the gutter area since it acts like a parasol and traps air underneath it, creating and building pressure that would eventually rip the roof from the house.

Storms and high winds can also cause damage in indirect ways. If the wind blows a heavy object, like a branch or an uprooted tree, and it happens to crash onto the roof, then the roof’s structural integrity will be compromised, starting with leaking on the portion struck by the object. It could even tear through the roof and into the house itself if it is heavy enough. Sheathing and roofing materials could also cause the collapse of the entire roof.

Roofing materials will show signs of wear and tear over time, no matter the kind of material. Wooden roofs are the most susceptible due to the organic nature of wood. Moisture will only hasten its decay. Tile, clay, concrete and metal roofing may be more durable but they are not immune to the slow decomposition caused by time. They will develop stress areas and if enough has been built up, even metal roofs can leak or collapse.

This leads us to the most common cause of roofing problems, precipitation and eventual product, moisture. Moisture from rain and meltwater accelerates the decomposition process in organic roofing materials and undermines the structural and chemical bonds of non-organic roofs. The weight of snow is a burden that roofs must carry, and if the snow accumulates enough weight, the roof could fall down. Hail carries a lot of force as it strikes roofs. This force due to its mass and the speed at which the hailstone falls will increase with an increase in the size of the stone. And this could do a lot of damage.

Whatever the cause of damage, routine or emergency repair, the professionals at Watertite roofing can restore your roof to what it once was. We will also be able to properly assess the state of your roof if it needs a replacement or not. We are a family-owned company and we value your family’s comfort and safety. Reach out to our professionals and get a quote at Watertiteco.com. Contact us now!