How Does WagerWorks Blackjack Work and Where Can I Play?

WagerWorks blackjack games are web-based adaptations of the classic card game blackjack.

WagerWorks is a division of one of the major casino-related companies, International Game Technology. This company, better known as IGT, acquired WagerWorks and all of its software for approximately $100 million a few years ago. WagerWorks games are primarily located on non-US-facing websites, primarily in Europe, though some sites serve clients from as far away as Canada and Australia.

Initially, WagerWorks was a subsidiary of Silicon Gaming, a significant manufacturer of land-based gambling machines and other gaming devices. WagerWorks was founded for the solitary purpose of developing innovative and original Web-based games. The company was founded by a group of artists, Flash animators, game designers, and casino administrators who continue to work in the industry to produce a library of well-received games.

WagerWorks is authorized by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and the Isle of Man gaming licensing bodies.
Both of these entities appear on the renowned “white list” of legitimate gambling operators in the United Kingdom.

The remainder of this page examines the blackjack variations available, the house edge for each, and optimal strategy for playing blackjack at an online casino powered by WagerWorks.

Games Accessible

WagerWorks produces seven variants of blackjack, generating one of the most diversified and intriguing blackjack libraries of all the designers we reviewed. However, the fact that the games exist in numerous variations does not imply that they are necessarily excellent.

The following is a list of the blackjack variants offered by WagerWorks software:

The game of Blackjack
Classic Blackjack
Blackjack – Hot Streak
Blackjack with Multiple Players
Strength Blackjack 20+ Blackjack 21 plus 3 The game of Blackjack
In terms of the casino’s inherent advantage, Power Blackjack is the greatest game. When played with fundamental strategy, the casino’s advantage is 0.23%, which is about half the industry average. The next greatest game in terms of probability is European blackjack, with a 0.3% house edge.

We were delightfully delighted to discover that none of these activities were especially advantageous for the house. Multi-Hand Blackjack, with a 0.5% house edge, is the worst of these seven games. Even this number is lower than the multi-hand blackjack variants of the majority of other designers.

Below is a summary of the regulations for each of the seven blackjack variations offered by WagerWorks. This includes information about the house edge for each game. Depending on your objective, you may choose between various activities. If you are a multi-hand enthusiast, you may be prepared to accept the 0.5% house advantage in exchange for the ability to play up to five hands simultaneously.
If you’re searching for the casino game with the slightest advantage, you should play Power Blackjack.

The game of Blackjack

This is WagerWorks’ rendition of the casino classic with conventional Vegas regulations. The house margin is average for an online blackjack game, providing the casino a 0.46 percent advantage. Blackjack utilizes an eight-deck virtual shoe. The dealer must stand on soft 17 or higher. You will also observe that, in the American manner, the dealer peers for blackjack. All participants are permitted to double down on any two cards and after a split. This is as near to a conventional online blackjack game as you’re likely to discover, right down to the average graphics.

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